Annual Report 2011-12
Smart, Sensible, Secure Strategies!
Smart, Sensible, Secure Strategies!
Message from the Chairperson
Smart Strategies!
Sensible Strategies!
Secure Strategies!
Corporate Social Responsibility
Financial Snapshot

Our Vision: To create international landmarks through innovation and best practices thereby enhancing value to our customers.

The vision establishes first and foremost, our commitment to value creation and enhancement for our customers. We have structured our business and built an organization fully imbibing the vision in word and spirit and aligned all our strategies to it. After understanding customer needs, we employ industry best practices for creating innovative designs and executing our projects to the highest quality. Seamlessly aligned to achieve the objectives stated in the vision, our strategies provide us the roadmap to channelize our resources, effectively providing a blueprint of our future course of action. These strategies play a pivotal role in ensuring our long-term growth and sustainability.

Customer-centricity, execution excellence and fiscal prudence form critical pillars of our business strategy. With a clear understanding of our target segment, the modern, upwardly mobile Indian high income demographic, we design to meet the aspirations of these consumers. We constantly innovate to fulfill their implicit requirements by exploring new themes, materials and also employ top rated Indian and International architects. Customercentricity provides us a framework to align our customer offerings with our long-term business objectives. An unwavering focus on attaining excellence in execution allows us to create signature properties that cater to the tastes of our discerning customers. These, in turn, ensure our strong branding that helps in faster monetization of our projects and fosters goodwill. Fiscal prudence governs us in pursuing profitable value creation while taking measured risks coupled with adequate mitigation measures.

Business strategies together with an unwavering focus on our vision have helped us deliver strong business results even in most difficult times. With a longstanding legacy of 142 years and a clear understanding that real estate is a long-term play, we continue to be governed by our tested business strategies. Strategies which are smart, sensible and secure!