Annual Report 2011-12
Sensible Strategies!
Smart, Sensible, Secure Strategies!
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Smart Strategies!
Sensible Strategies!
Secure Strategies!
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Focusing on our thoughtfully chosen segment of customers, we act like a deft artisan in executing our projects with precision and efficiency. Choice of the locations of our projects is driven by a clear understanding of the pulse of our valued customers. With an increasing number of Indians seeking a second home away from the fast-paced and busy city life, we were prompted to make pioneering entry into the emerging segment of vacation homes. The development work on vacation homes in serene surroundings of three exotic locations namely Alibaug, Lonavala and Goa is progressing.

We distinguish our diverse business offerings with distinct brands. Courtesy our impeccable execution excellence and proven track record, residential customers vouch for brand ‘Ashok’ and commercial customers aspire for brand ‘Peninsula’ in our geographies of operations. To ensure flawless execution, we deploy complementing functions in a cohesive and integrated manner. Our land acquisition team scouts for locations that meet our customer needs and also our business guidelines in terms of value creation and development potential. While Concept & Design function undertakes the responsibility of architecture, sourcing and commercial aspects; Project function undertakes the responsibility of quality assurance and timely execution. Sales & Marketing function ensures customer engagement and relationship including sales while Facility Management function takes charge of value-added services as the project approaches possession hand-over stage. A robust Performance Management System motivates each member of cross-functional teams to deliver customer delight every time.

Out three guiding principles for customer centricity are defined by TIE (Trust, Innovation & Engagement). Gaining customer Trust by delivering on our promises, value addition through adoption of Innovation in business practices and design and keeping abreast with our customer’s needs, wants and pains through continuous Engagement. These principles are woven into the fabric of our organization. Every employee works in a manner to achieve TIE.

At Peninsula Land, harboring the requisite skill-sets inhouse and honing them further is viewed as a sensible business strategy. Setting higher internal benchmarks for ethical conduct, pursuit of excellence and collaborative working helps us enhance our brand equity for external audience. Internally, it inspires our employee pool to engage better and helps us align them with the overall business vision of the organization.

Our customers are at centre of everything we do and we ensure that they remain glad to be associated with Peninsula, today, tomorrow and forever. That’s Sensible.