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Corporate Social Responsibility
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CSR Initiatives

At Peninsula Land Ltd., it is our endeavor to create a positive impact on the environment and society we operate in. Over the last few years, we have taken several initiatives focused towards betterment of people within and outside the Group, conservation of the environment and development of communities. PLL has decided to set aside 0.5% of its PBT every year for CSR activities. Our HR policy encourages employees to volunteer for at least two days in a year for social activities. All our CSR initiatives are implemented along with Urvi Ashok Piramal Foundation (UAPF).

We have already reached out to over 350 villages through our various CSR initiatives. During the year, we undertook several initiatives for the improvement of the environment, health and livelihood segments. Over 100 of our employees volunteered in many such activities.

Environment Initiatives

During the year, our environment initiatives ranged from community based solid-waste management to creating a green village and environment awareness among villagers and school children.

In Goa, we undertook a community based solid waste management project at village Raise Magos. As part of this project 200 kg of dry garbage was converted into manure while recycling the remaining dry garbage. The result was that the village became cleaner due to proper disposition of the garbage. The villagers have accepted the recycling initiative and now regularly practicing garbage segregation at their homes.

In Rajasthan, we launched a Green village project on a pilot basis in a village called Pratapura in Jhunjhunu district. Various initiatives that will reduce the carbon footprint have been implemented and it started with planting 200 saplings. This was followed by installing 15 street solar lights, promoting wormi-composting for proper management of garbage and constructing 40 soak pits to manage waste water. To address the water scarcity, we constructed a rainwater harvesting and percolation tank with a large storage capacity as the starting point.

While we initiated projects in villages, we also decided to look at communities living in the forests. We initiated a project around the Pench forest area in Madhya Pradesh to educate the locals about preserving the flora and fauna. A base camp has been created and 300 schools children have been educated through workshops on the importance of biodiversity conservation, preservation and sustainability which will be a win-win situation for the locals as well as tigers living in this forest.

Health Care Initiative

In this sector, the focus was on children and women. The biggest achievement in this sector was the launch of a 25- bed maternity hospital for mother and child care in Bagar district of Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. This hospital caters to people in 100 villages in and around Bagar. This hospital is well-equipped with an operation theater, neo-natal care unit, spacious and comfortable wards, sonography facility, 24 hours residential gynaecologist and trained nursing staff. Around 60 deliveries have already been conducted and three health camps were organized in this hospital. Along with this, we have started community based awareness programme on mother and child care.

We also launched programmes for the families of the employees working at our construction sites. We started a creche at our construction site in Nasik which takes care of all the requirements of the children while their parents are at work. Apart from the food and medical care, the children are also provided basic education.

For the workers at the construction sites, we have set up health clinics at some of our construction sites that provide health care facility to our laborers including medical examination, laboratory tests, necessary medication and if needed referral to specialists.

Apart from this, we also organized a week of wellness for our employees where specialist conducted basic medical check-ups including dental care, education on eating habits, body fitness, stress management and early detection of cancer. They also conducted lectures and workshop on healthy eating habits, aerobics and yoga.

While doing these activities at our sites, for the communities living on the peripheries, we started mobile health care vans for 30 neighboring villages and slums in Nasik city. We have similar vans in Nagpur and Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan. Each van covers 3-4 villages daily and is equipped to conduct general check-up, laboratory and diagnostic testing and offer treatment. They also conduct health education. We have treated more than 25,000 patients and reached out to people in over 150 villages.

Livelihood Initiatives

Realizing that trained work-force is one of the major requirements today, we decided to create livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged youth and set up vocational and skill development training centers. The objective is aligned with the Millennium Development Goals to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. We have set up 6 centers at SantaCruz (Mumbai), Safale (Thane), Nagpur, Ankleshwar and Bagar. These centers offer various courses and training option to students who aspire to become electricians, beauticians, tailors, artificial jewelry makers and two wheeler mechanics etc. More than 400 students have been trained through these centers. After completing the training at these centres, some of them have started their own entrepreneurial activities. These centers are certified by NCVT (National Council for Vocational Training).

We along with UAPF initiated micro entrepreneurship for women and youth from urban and rural communities. To start with, we organized a summit on micro entrepreneurship where bankers, representative from NABARD, MAVIM, marketing companies, and NGOs addressed the community based NGOs from Maharashtra. Over 40 NGOs participated in this meet.

Employee Engagement Program

To further our commitment for an equitable and inclusive growth, more than 100 of our employees participated in various community development programmes such as health camps at old age homes, sharing of books and toys with the underprivileged children, raising donations for HIV infected children and support to the underprivileged by participating in the Mumbai Marathon 2012.