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Why Invest in a Venture Capital Fund?

The Reality About Realty
  • Real estate in India is fast emerging as an alternate investment class thanks to a strong and rapidly growing middle class with increasing exposure to global trends.
  • Favourable age profile with 7 million fresh graduates and 350,000 engineering and IT professionals annually.
  • Shortage of 20 million housing units coupled with increased affordability is bound to lead to buoyant demand for residential space.
  • Estimated demand of office space is 500 million sq. ft. in the next ten years. The IT/BPO industry is primarily responsible for 75 % of the estimated demand.
  • The spurt of growth has also been driven by an economy projected to grow at 8-10% per annum.
  • Increased acceptability of India as a manufacturing hub is now leading to the development of Special Economic Zones.
  • Rapid growth of the Indian IT industry as well as the aggressive retail boom, with the entry of global brands in the market, have contributed to the success of the real estate sector.
  • The demand for real estate has been accompanied by increasing professionalism and ease of bank finance leading to tie-ups between banks/ housing finance companies and developers at competitive rates.
  • Relaxed FDI norms and several reforms that are in process, can only be to the benefit of the investor.
  • Creation of new asset classes with Information Technology Parks having emerged as one of the fastest growing asset classes.
  • The entry of Real Estate Venture Capital Fund is, therefore, hardly surprising. With real estate offering the optimal risk : return ratio as well as high returns across asset classes, it's time for some real investment. But it isn't quite enough to be at the right place, at the right time. It's got to be the right fund.

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