The talent, commitment and enthusiasm of our people provide the winning combination behind the company’s unbroken record of growth. Whatever the scope of project Peninsula Land undertakes, its location or its complexity, it will involve the team members exercising individuality, flair and a commitment to achieving success. The company has employee appraisal schemes in place that facilitate the review of employees’ performance with their managers and which seek to identify training and development needs and opportunities.

The management understands that motivated and appropriately qualified employees are key to the success of its business. The human resource policy ensures that the company provides a safe, professional and stable working environment, that all employees are afforded equal opportunities. The company aims to become a preferred employer and employ best-in-class talent. To facilitate the same, it has a well drawn recruitment policy and a performance-based compensation policy including an ‘Employee Stock Option Plan’, which enables the employees to develop a sense of ownership with the organization.

As on 31st March 2013, Peninsula Land had 328 employees on its payrolls.
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