Fully cognizant of the fact that an effective strategy is a must to achieve desired outcome and that an effective execution cannot make up for a failed strategy, all our strategies are well-analyzed, discussed and deliberated before getting implemented.

At the core of each of our strategy is intent to create a winning combination for our stakeholder universe and to marshal our resources in the most productive way to create products and services that can meet the aspirations of our customers.
From customer perspective, we are focused on affluent, high income, upwardly mobile professionals with discerning taste of global best design and amenities. While Mumbai has been our key focus market, the rise of this segment in the fast growing cities of West and South India have prompted us to expand in cities like Nasik, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Increasing preference of second homes has also driven our expansion in the weekend getaway cities of Lonavala, Goa and Alibaug. Given that real estate is a regional business an needs strong understanding of the local market and network to ensure timely completion of the project, we plan to remain focused on these markets over the next few years.

The land acquired in these markets are at vantage locations that allow easy accessibility, open spaces and scenic views. Real estate in such locations is generally in great demand. We ensure that the land acquired is in accordance with our asset-light model - that directs us to acquire land with a development plan executable over 5 year period. This in turn helps us to maintain lean balance sheet with manageable levels of debt-equity ratio.
Execution:the Better Half of Strategy
Our Business Strategy: Cast to Last
Our Project Planning: Splendor of Moderninty
Our Project Execution: An Impeccable Marvel
Our Brand Equity: Up and Rising
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