Our exemplary service standards and high product quality have helped us to create formidable brand strength in each of our focused segments. We have built competitive differentiation in each segment, which allow us to attract partners and reduce cost. Our brand strength helps us to not only to sell in weak markets but also to command premium.

Leveraging our strong brand strength, we have entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with individuals and companies that hold premium land banks. This not only saves huge upfront investment needed to purchase quality land bank but also reduces the turn-around time, both together ensuring much higher return on the capital deployed. During the year, we entered into an agreement with HEM Bhattad to develop property in Central Mumbai for residential projects.
Similarly, we have been able to attract global partners of international repute to create landmark projects. Our ability to pre-sell is also an indication of high trust that our brand enjoys in our focused markets.

Over the last couple of years, we have undertaken series of initiatives to ensure greater client comfort. Through a project specific micro-site we provide comprehensive project information for each of our projects. For the customers who want to speak to us, connect with our dedicated customer engagement center just by typing a simple sms or through our toll free number. Our ‘Show Flats’ enable customers to get the feel of high quality standards and superior ambience inherent to each of our projects. To provide a quick resolution to their concerns, we provide our clients an easy access to our sales team. All these initiatives help us in enhancing client experience and building a stronger brand.
Execution:the Better Half of Strategy
Our Business Strategy: Cast to Last
Our Project Planning: Splendor of Moderninty
Our Project Execution: An Impeccable Marvel
Our Brand Equity: Up and Rising
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