Welcome Lord Ganesha to a bright and well-decorated home.

Good Living

It is that time of the year when the Elephant God is going to make his annual visit to your home. Joy, happiness, laughter, prosperity and goodwill will follow the beloved God into your home. So, make sure your home is freshly decorated to meet and greet him.

Brighten the festivities with shades of gold.

While many families paint their homes before festivals that come later in the year, it is perfectly acceptable to add glitter finish paint to your walls before Ganesh Chaturthi. And why stop at walls? Glitter finish paint can do wonders for exteriors, balconies, windows, metallic and furniture as well. These paints are wonderful when it comes to highlighting delicate and ornate detailing.
You can also experiment with contrasting shades to make an impact. Example, try pairing sunset gold highlights with red walls or using gold on white. The result can be very eye-catching and will go a long way in enhancing the festive look of your home.

Light up your home and life.

Lighting styles and techniques help to create a festive feel in your home. Just start thinking beyond the regular lights that you use at home and a whole new world opens up.
Spend a little time choosing the correct lighting combination and you could completely transform your living space. Examine your lighting combinations during different times of the day to ensure that the mood and tone match your vision.
Remember that dull and muted lights create a cosy feel but there is a big chance that they will not highlight all the painstaking decorations you have done for your pandal. Extra bright lighting on the other hand can create a disturbing glare and make your guests uncomfortable. Try a couple of combinations to achieve the right balance. You can also place traditional diyas with strings of electric lighting to achieve striking results.

Green – the colour of celebrations.

Mother Nature will also join your celebrations when you are sensitive to the environment during Ganesh Chaturthi. Choose idols painted with aqua-safe paints that are bio-degradable – so they will not pose a threat to marine life when they are immersed.
When decorating your home find out if you can use recycled or natural materials. Plants do a wonderful job of creating a fresh outdoor feel in the house.

Say it with flowers.

Flowers, from simple petals to elaborate garlands, play an integral role during festivals. They not only have a sacred significance, they also keep your home smelling fresh. Of course, flowers, because of their vibrant colours make for excellent decoration too. Make Rose, hibiscus and marigold an integral part of your Ganesh Chaturthi decorations.
We at Peninsula Land Limited, wish you all happy and prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi and hope you have a wonderful time decorating your home and welcoming guests.