Global Home Décor Trends For The Urban Indian

Good Living

There are two aspects to planning home décor for your new home. The first of course is that it should reflect your personality and taste. The second aspect is incorporating contemporary trends that work for you and your family’s preferences and lifestyle. Often, this is the aspect that gets overlooked by even the most stylish of us.

This is mostly due to packed schedules and crunched timelines that require us to have everything in order before moving into the new home. Additionally, most home décor stores, interior magazines, and architects are focused on “doing up” homes with a product-oriented approach rather than a
trend-oriented one.

For instance, most of them will fail to tell us that sustainable living isn’t just about opting for furniture and décor made from recycled materials. It’s also about doing away with artificial plants and opting for indoor plants, as well as moving a part of the living area outdoors (read balcony in case of apartments) to soak in the natural light and air – a rapidly growing trend in the West.

Read on to discover global home décor trends that are practical to implement in modern Indian residences.

1. Of Greens & Blues

Green remains the official colour this year. This hue may cover a wall or may just be a splash on a centre rug but it is here to stay. Green also works on your cutlery. Try matching emerald glasses with pristine white plates.
However, fashion folks are calling navy blue the new black. So if you are more for style than fads, go with the latter. It’s easy on the eye, works well with most other colours and textures, and adds an element of sophistication that’s a tad more glamorous than black.
Additionally, deep jewel tones are especially in when it comes to wall colours; think wine, emerald green, and beyond.

Peninsula Tip: Use hints of navy blue with extensive raw white canvases, be it walls, furniture, or upholstery, for understated elegance that’s also contemporary and uplifting.

2. Geometric Illusions

Turns out geometric shapes are here and not just in the form of printed patterns. In a bid to bring back the real-world experience into our lives, designers are betting on textures to get us out of our phones and into their studios.
Triangular, square, and hexagonal-shaped elements are finding their way on bathroom tiles, wallpapers, and bed covers, among others.

Peninsula Tip: Limit the trend to small-sized areas with a lot of plain space around. For instance, adorn a section of your corridor with differently patterned wallpapers cut in hexagons. Layer it with multiple mirrors in the same shape to let things breathe.

3. Flirting With Time

This has to be one of the most refreshing trends in recent times and one that suits Indian sensibilities very well. While purists may not approve it, pro-sustainability folks certainly do. It is now cool to have your home celebrate art and furniture from different time periods.
What this means is that you no longer have to choose between grandma’s elaborately carved teakwood furniture and that much-eyed wardrobe with contemporary laminates. As far they are not next to each other and in the same room, you can have them both.
Victorian-themed dining halls to Miami-inspired terraces and balconies, it’s about having the best of both, rather multiple worlds.

Peninsula Tip: Keep the walls and fixtures minimalist; introduce movables from different time periods. This will ensure your home retains a distinct personality without becoming too uniform and boring. Get that heirloom cutlery out already!

4. Marble, Marble, On The Wall

Now, this is a trend that can get really difficult to execute well. Marble wallpapers, if done right, can make a home reflect class. But if not, it can transform it into one that’s back in time and a little too ornate for contemporary tastes.
So if you are opting for this trend, plan, plan and plan before you execute. Think of all the elements – paintings, lamps, wall pieces, and furniture – that will make your marble walls look truly mod.

Peninsula Tip: Stay shy of white marble wallpapers. Instead, go for safer colours such as grey, dull pink and perhaps even midnight blue.

5. Craftsmanship Above All Else

As we get closer to sustainable living, celebrating artisan skills and craftsmanship is a way of acknowledging the ‘people’ aspect of the three Ps. You don’t have to get rid of your favourite D-I-Y pieces. However, when planning for new décor items, ensure a couple of locally sourced crafts and some statement pieces sourced from trips to exotic foreign markets.
Murano glassware, pottery from Turkey and Pondicherry, and hand block-printed cushion fabrics from Rajasthan if you please.

Peninsula Tip: To stay true to the spirit of this trend, make sure to buy from the artisanal community rather than high-end studios or online marketplaces.

6. Keeping Things Tranquil

The smartphone may be a bedtime companion but it’s time to change that. In fact, the trend is already changing in favour of the good ol’ nightstand in the bedroom as well as dedicated décor spaces for personal gadgets and devices.
You might even want to go a step further and introduce some book shelves as well as smart acoustics for a relaxing music experience in your bedroom.

Peninsula Tip: Adopt this trend like there’s no tomorrow. A good night’s sleep is the highest form of luxury, especially if reports about us Indians working around the clock are anything to go by.