Looking To Buy A Home? What Makes A Great Neighbourhood?

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Looking To Buy A Home? What Makes A Great Neighbourhood?

When you’re on the lookout for the ideal home, choosing a great neighbourhood is all-important. The location of your home and the amenities offered by the neighbourhood can make a big difference not only to your lifestyle, but also to the value appreciation of the home.

Here are some key indications of a great neighbourhood:

    1. Location and connectivity: A good location that offers excellent connectivity via roads and public transport is one of the most essential features to look out for. The neighbourhood should be easily accessible and well connected to a range of civic amenities.

    2. Civic amenities: The neighbourhood should offer easy access to a range of civic amenities, such as reputed schools, hospitals, commercial hubs, banks and retail outlets. It’s important to have these amenities in close proximity in order to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

    3. Recreational hubs: The proximity to recreational hubs, such as shopping malls, multiplexes, libraries, marketplaces, restaurants and cafés is another must-have. A neighbourhood that enables easy access to lifestyle amenities is always preferable to one that is remotely located.

    4. Essential services and stores: A good neighbourhood must enable a sense of self-sufficiency by providing access to a range of essential services and stores, such as repairs and maintenance services and grocery stores.

    5. Parks and open spaces: The presence of green and open spaces is a big bonus in urban neighbourhoods today. Parks, gardens, children’s play areas and other open spaces are some options to look out for.

    6. Safety: The safety and upkeep of a neighbourhood is very important. The streets should be clean and well-lit, the roads should be paved and well-maintained, and the area should have a low or zero crime rate. General security provisions like gated entrances and CCTV surveillance are always preferable.

    7. Infrastructural growth: The roads, flyovers, commercial and residential projects and other infrastructural undertakings in the neighbourhood should be of good quality. Any upcoming infrastructural projects in the vicinity can help boost the property appreciation of the neighbourhood.

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