Did you know that water bodies in your residential compound are therapeutic?

Good Living

Ever since mankind started constructing houses and communities, it has started congregating near water bodies. Take a look at the most sought-after residential properties in coastal cities. They will be sea-facing. With grand views of oceans and seas. Even in land-locked towns, the houses around river banks, ponds and lakes are always in high demand.

Why, take a look at the palaces constructed by our ancient rulers. They always had some kind of natural or man-made water bodies around them.
Most of us living in sprawling cities hardly enjoy the opportunity to be around water bodies – bar the rare trip to the beach or the lake. Which is unfortunate as staying in proximity to the good old H2O positively affects our lives and lifestyles in several different ways.

Water Calms and Soothes
International studies have clearly suggested that setting up home near a water body calms the mind and body down and reduces stress. Lakes, ponds, canals and even fountains not only look good, studies in UK proved, they also make people feel good.

The Psychology of Water
Since times immemorial water has always been associated with healing. In traditional Chinese medicine and in our very own Ayurveda water bodies around the living space are considered crucial for balancing the body and restoring physical harmony.

The Spirituality of Water
Water has always been synonymous with spirituality in most religions and cultures. Just being in the vicinity of water invokes a spiritual experience, soothing body and soul. Water symbolises so many things: cleansing, rebirth, salvation.

Water Kick-starts
Waking up to a body of blue water not only energises you but kick-starts the day. Which explains why so many people begin their day with either a dip in the river or a vigorous lap in the swimming pool. Children who grow up with water around them develop an appetite for sport and exercises. They also demonstrate better cognitive development than those who have grown up in concrete jungles.

Selecting a home in proximity to water
If you are a family which is on the lookout for moving home, you may consider a new home that is close to a water body so that you can enjoy all the benefits.

Salsette 27, in Byculla which is in the heart of Mumbai is a property that boasts of a natural pond inside the compound. The pond which is home to many a duck family creates such a serene atmosphere that one can hear the breeze whispering even though the property is at a very short distance from a major junction.

Peninsula Land welcomes you to an oasis of tranquillity!