Embrace modern design and architecture

Good Living

Architecture has come a long way in the last half a century, particularly when it comes to high rise buildings. The apartments of the yesteryears were more functional and less importance was given to aesthetics, flexibility and light.

Today, property buyers are a more learned lot and demand a lot more than a roof over their heads. They are well travelled and more aware of developments and their purchase decision depends on the design of the apartment as much as the location.

A well-designed apartment can make a huge difference to the way you lead your life.

Space, The Final Frontier.
The first aspect that will strike you about a modern apartment is its spaciousness. This feeling is created by opening up any visual barriers. In a modern apartment, ceilings and hallways and corridors are designed to maximise airflow.

Let There Be Light.
Modern apartments tend to use a lot of glass, to flood the house with natural light. This also enhances the views, giving an ‘outdoor’ feeling to the apartment.

Express Individuality.
Contemporary architects respect individual preferences, so they design the living spaces in a manner that allows customisation. This means that an apartment in a complex can be made to look completely different from the others.

Aesthetically Appealing.
Another feature of a well-designed home is that how pleasing it is to the eye. Unlike apartments from the earlier generations, contemporary homes maintain a balance between design, structural efficiency and aesthetic value. After all, you will be living in a home for decades, so why shouldn’t it look good?

Green is In.
A fundamental difference between the houses of yore and the apartments of today is the Green factor. Today’s buildings make it a point to consciously concentrate on energy and environmental efficiency. This involves water-saving indoor plumbing, energy-saving lights, recyclable building materials and many other features.

Safety Above All.
A well-designed building incorporates safety features that were unheard of in earlier homes. And safety for the modern apartment extends beyond the installing of a few sprinklers. The philosophy of safety is incorporated into the building’s design. For example, in many homes the kitchen offers a view of the living room so that the parent can supervise the children even if he or she is busy.
So, if you are thinking of moving into a new apartment, it makes a lot of sense to consider a home that has acknowledged all the needs of the 21st century home dweller. After all, a home is a once in a lifetime purchase.

Celestia Spaces

Homes in Peninsula Land’s Celestia Spaces are perfect examples of how modern apartments should be designed. They facilitate light, are spacious and the overall project has almost 60 Percent open space. When you move into Celestia Spaces, you will be living in an environment that incorporates the finest and latest architectural practices and principles.