Apartment Or Row House – What Is The Right Home For You?

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Apartment Or Row House - What Is The Right Home For You?

With the advent of multiple housing formats, choosing the right one for yourself has become quite an uphill task. Multi-storey apartments have become more common in recent time due to the lack of space and emergence of sky-scrappers. Row house is another format that has been gaining steam in India, especially among the upper-class, since integrated townships have emerged. They offer more privacy to the occupants and in comparison multi-storey apartments provide things like community lifestyle, better security and in-house facilities.

From Structural Design and Amenities to security and maintenance, row houses and apartments differ from each other in various aspects. Let’s look at both of them in detail:

Row Houses

  • Row houses or townhouse are identical homes attached and situated next to each other. They are a series of houses that are identical in plan and design and share a common wall between them.
  • In these type of houses, occupants are usually required to share the amenities with their neighbours.
  • Regarding project delivery, costing and execution these houses are more practical than multi-storey apartments and provide more freedom and flexibility to their owners.
  • Contrary to multi-storey apartments, security is a significant point of concern in row houses. Since these are independent units, residents have to shell out from their own pockets to hire security services.
  • Row houses are easier and less expensive to maintain than high-storey apartments


  • Apartments are flats or units in a multi-storey group housing society, usually having more than four floors.
  • Contrary to row houses, apartments come with many amenities including gyms, clubhouse, car parking and power backup facilities among others.
  • In comparison to independent houses, apartments offer less freedom and flexibility in terms of space and experimentation with design.
  • Since these are part of gated colonies, security is available throughout.
  • In multi-story apartments, although the maintenance is taken care of by the housing society, they charge a monthly fee from their occupants for providing the service.

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