Advantages of staying in Green Buildings

Did You Know

Over the last few decades, we have become more conscious about the fragility of our planet and have taken many steps for its preservation. One of these steps is the emergence of The Green Building.

A Green Building is a construction that ‘preserves most of the natural environment around the site.’

Today, the awareness of Green Buildings has risen and the responsible home buyer is beginning to grasp the advantages of buying and staying in a building that has been certified as Green.

The Indian Green Building Council or the IGBC is authorised to certify buildings as ‘Green.’

The parameters IGBC considers include Site Selection and Planning, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation and Design Processes.

The benefits of owning a Green Building include:

Low Monthly Maintenance
Green Buildings are designed to allow maximum sunlight entering the apartments. The presence of natural light reduces the dependence on artificial light – thus reducing power bills.

Water Preservation
Water efficiency means using water resources in a manner that saves water not just for today but for future generations as well. Green buildings ensure that minimum water is wasted through use of efficient plumbing fixtures and installations that enable water recycling and rain harvesting.

Improved Health
Many constructions in the past used plastic by-products which released toxic materials. Since Green Buildings avoid the use of such products, residents in Green Buildings tend to lead healthier lives.

Minimum Use of Materials
When a green building is being constructed, minimum materials are used without compromising on safety and quality. Materials that are long-lasting are used to minimise up-gradation and maintenance work

Reduce strain on local resources
As the population increases, local resources like water and energy may not be sufficient to meet demand. Since green buildings are designed to reduce wastage of energy and power, they reduce the strain on local resources.

We are happy to announce that Salsette27, one of Peninsula Land’s properties in Byculla, Mumbai, has been certified by IGBC.