5 Weekend Goals That Are Reason To Own A Home In Bengaluru’s J.P.Nagar

Community Life

Each city, and within that, each location offers a distinct lifestyle to its residents. Therefore, the location of the residential project becomes one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new home. While multiple locations in the city are fast becoming home to a variety of premium living facilities, here are 5 reasons that make owning a home in Bengaluru’s J.P. Nagar a good idea.

Goal #1: Family Fitness

While most working couples end up working out extensively on weekends, it’s often a challenge to find safe indoor workout options for their children. This becomes especially important in times when kids are otherwise happy to hangout at home in front of the television or the laptop.
One of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in the city, J.P. Nagar offers multiple workout options for children, ranging from regular active fitness workshops to latest fads such as Zumba. Additionally, it offers a host of non-gymming workout options such as aqua aerobics for adults.

Goal #2: Unwinding Outdoors

Wish there was more to your weekends than hanging at the neighbourhood mall? When you buy a home in J.P. Nagar, you also get easy access to outdoor spaces that relax the body and the mind.
The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is less than half an hour’s drive. Originally commissioned by Tipu Sultan’s father Hyder Ali, today the garden makes for a fine place to appreciate nature in all its glory. The fact that Mavalli Tiffin Room, a great breakfast and brunch spot, is in its vicinity makes the Lalbagh Botanical Garden a perfect outdoor weekend destination for those living in J.P. Nagar.
Another great weekend spot for nature lovers is the Bannerghatta National Park. A 45-minute drive from your J.P. Nagar home, it’s ideal for solitude lovers as well as those who love to go trekking with friends and family.

Goal #3: Appreciating Art

Another oft-heard urban living complaint that a home in J.P. Nagar promises to address is proximity to art exhibition and performance venues. Think of all those weekends when you contemplated making a trip to the other end of the town for an unusual weekend but didn’t due to traffic fears. The Ranga Shankara is a performing arts venue that you can actually walk down to in order to catch a play or other events.
Another great weekend spot for art lovers living in J.P. Nagar is the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat. Less than an hour’s drive, it is home to a range of exhibits that celebrate folk, traditional, modern and contemporary art. Spend your Sundays discovering works by established and emerging artists.

Goal #4: Spiritual Attainment

A meditative escapade is what people often yearn for in today’s fast-paced and high-stress world.So doesn’t it make perfect sense to have a place close to home that offers an environment for the same?
J.P. Nagar happens to be home to an Aurobindo Ashram. Whether it is about channelizing all your energies inwards in a meditation hall or taking some spiritual lessons, you can head here on weekends to experience all the peace and solitude you may seek from time to time.
The neighbourhood is also some to a centre dedicated to The Art Of Living. This means that when you move to your new home in J.P. Nagar, you get to pick from two different approaches to spirituality or at least, two different venues for your meditation exercises.

Goal #5: Quick Convenience

While weekends are meant to be the most relaxing part of the week, they are often the most packed days of the week. From shopping to eating out, and from hosting guests to getting domestic chores out of the way, all of it and more happens over the weekend.
Unlike several other luxury living neighbourhoods in the city that include limited outlets for shopping and dining among other things, J.P. Nagar is home to a thriving weekend ecosystem.
So whether you need to head to a mall that features the trendiest brands or get home gourmet ingredients in time to dish up a meal for surprise visitors, it’s all minutes away.